Monday, January 13, 2014

Must Read Mondays ~ I've Got You Covered by Toni G. Sinns

I've Got You Covered  by Toni G. Sinns

Summary ~

Anistasia moves a lot to get away from her past. But when she lands in Brooksville she runs into John. Something about him just makes her feel so safe and he can't get her off his mind. The two soon learn they actually have more in common than they could possibly ever know.

My Thoughts ~

A Story Of Fast Cars, Young Love And Yes, The Mob!

A while back  I had a chance to read 'I've Got You Covered' (Book 1 in The Blazing Charm Series) by Toni Sinns and I'm calling it a MUST READ for sure!
I got sucked in pretty quickly to this story of fast cars, young love and yes, the mob! If I had to sum it up in just a few words, I would say that it was a bit like 'General Hospital goes back to High School' (What? You don't have a guilty pleasure!? Come on, no judgement...). The more I got to know the characters, the more I wanted to know MORE...and I was not disappointed. Although, I have a sneaking suspicion there are still plenty of secrets left to be revealed come book number two.
The romance between John and Anistasia was refreshingly realistic given that they didn't just meet and fall in love a second later. Instead, there was a gradual build up as the two got to know each other and I, the reader, got to know them, giving me all the time I needed to reach that 'when-are-they- going-to-get-together-already?!' anxiety I so love to suffer through.
I also appreciated the fact that while there was an underlying sense of violence, it was always more implied than actually depicted in such great detail that it might have seared horrific images into my brain for days to follow. I say some things are better left to the reader's imagination.
Toni Sinns has a remarkable ability as a writer to send the reader on an exciting journey in search of the details that will bring the big picture into full view while only really revealing small fractions of it at a time; all the while still allowing for an easy and enjoyable read that doesn't end up being more work than entertainment.
I for one, am ready to see what Toni has in store for Ani and John in book number two - New York Heartbreak!
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Meet The Author

Toni Sinns was born and raised in Western North Carolina before moving to Central Florida in 2011. She is an upcoming author/writer with a mind in multiple genres of novels and books. She is currently working on multiple novels that you can read about on her website: also you can catch her random thoughts on her blog at: