Wednesday, April 16, 2014

WISH FOR IT WEDNESDAY ~ The Naphil's Kiss by Simone Beaudelaire

The Naphil's Kiss 


Simone Beaudelaire

*****THIS WEEK ONLY 99Cents*****


Since ancient times, the semi-angelic beings known as the Nephilim have protected the children of men. These chaste, eternal warriors stand between humanity and the Succubae, daughters of Lilith, who drain men of their will through seduction.

Until the day one Naphil, Lucien, first encounters the succubus Sarahi. That day a creature of darkness, sick of the shadows, dares lift her face towards heaven and discovers something she never dreamed she would find... love.

But their love is overshadowed as the long-foretold war between angels and demons threatens to break over the land. For prophecy states that from the mingling of these races will come a warrior who holds the key to victory... or utter destruction.

Cover art by LM Boelz.

Caution: contains graphic sex scenes. 


Simone Beaudelaire is the pseudonym for a mild-mannered high school French teacher.

Mme Beaudelaire lives with her husband, three children, and one fat tabby cat in Texas.
In her spare time, she reads romances as fast as she can get her hands on them, and when she isn't reading them, she's writing them!

Published works: Watching Over the Watcher, Keeping Katerina, High Plains Holiday, When the Music Ends, When the Words are Spoken, Beautiful Rose, Pacific Fire, Tears of Blood, and several others, but more are in the works.

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